How To Do SharePoint Migration Successfully?

The migration of file to SharePoint will help your business in much greater search functionality, access control and security. You will be able to streamline the amount of administrative time and money spent to maintain the daily operation of the company.

When migrating SharePoint content, there are few important steps you should follow to achieve success without disrupting daily operations:


  • Decision of Right Configuration:- Many organizations using highly customized environments of SharePoint, have to decide which configuration is best for your business needs from technical as well as business strategy perspective. You have to explore ins and outs of SharePoint migration to decide everything on cloud or decide which part of your business will work smoothly with a hybrid system.
  • Set a Realistic Timeline:- Migrating your business operations to SharePoint needs time and patience as it may take longer time than expected. Due to complexity of SharePoint unknown obstacles might be raised. Migrating your business operations to SharePoint takes time and need patience as it sometimes consume more time than expected. Data should be mapped properly to avoid obstacles.
  • Determine Your Needs Which are To be Migrated:- Before migrating, you should decide which content is relevant and important to your company. The content which is irrelevant and outdated for your business should not be migrated so that will save your money and time. You should evaluate to how it’s used currently and how you’ll most likely to use it down the road to save the effort. It can allow you to customize SharePoint to fit your business for better future.
  • Run a Migration Test:- SharePoint makes it easy to test your migration before you perform the real thing to avoid frustration if some important work failed to move to your business. When performing your test, you only have to set up your new SharePoint to be as much like your future environment as possible to get exactly what you want. You need to know how migration can be done because third-party migration tools all work differently for SharePoint features like workflows, metadata and permissions.
  • Verify Your Migration With Your Business To be Satisfied:- Test your migration again and again before you are completely satisfied with the results. Make sure that the planned migration is capable of meeting your needs. Make a list of users who are keys to your business to keep them happy. Architects can help plan for your company’s migration if you have some difficulty in SharePoint migration.

COMM-IT manages services of SharePoint using SharePoint tools and custom application for migration. When SharePoint migration is managed through COMM-IT an organization enjoys managed services aid in providing security of data with backup and storage. COMM-IT has an experience of more than a decade in implementing SharePoint projects and has proven track record in SharePoint migration. It has pre-build frameworks and ready to use integration tools and migration tools for migration of SharePoint from one level to the next. COMM-IT is Microsoft certified partner for SharePoint.


Ways to Save Your IT Cost Using SharePoint

Aim of every business is to gain maximum profit at minimum investment. But globally when there is uncertain economic condition, you are under pressure of getting high productivity efficiently at low investment. Organizations that invest smartly with ever challenging times often are winner. When your work need managing information, your enterprise solutions might include portal solutions, search tools, collaboration platforms, and business intelligence features.



Microsoft SharePoint can save your money without compromising on productivity and efficiency and show rapid return on investment (ROI). Organizations can easily control cost and reduce risk associated with IT through Microsoft SharePoint for an intranet, internet or extranet site. SharePoint allows team members to access information integrate and collaborate with each other.

  • Centralized Administration:- You can reduce IT costs and complexity, by centralizing multiple product investments into a single infrastructure. You can by reduce infrastructure, service and support costs, and by getting all your enterprise solutions under a single license solution. You can effectively maintain control of the entire platform by easily accessing application management features, system settings, monitor SharePoint farms, perform backups and restorations, manage security settings, upgrade SharePoint, change general application settings and use configuration wizards all in a single location.
  • Customizable:- Microsoft SharePoint has ability to built custom applications and components with ease. You can reduce development costs, by using comprehensive out-of-the-box components, by adopting built-in integration with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. You can reduce learning curves and development time by using the .NET Framework object models.
  • Easy to use:- SharePoint has features and tools that allow organization to respond quickly to business needs. You can quickly build or update your website online for your team. You can simplify application management and training, by providing a single, easy-to-use interface for end users and for IT administration and governance.
  • Collaboration:- You can improve employee productivity, by implementing collaboration workspaces, self-service Web publishing, social computing features, and business process workflow and forms. Increased collaboration allows taking better decision by streamlined approach to team based work. It allows information and knowledge to flow freely throughout the organization.
  • Site consolidation:- Microsoft SharePoint incorporate all sites under one platform to consolidate intranet, extranet and internet sites which substantially saves cost of the organization. It enhances the effectiveness of customer service and sales teams, by sorting critical information from across the enterprise and by providing rapid, easy access to information.
  • Security and integrity:- Microsoft SharePoint platform provides ability to organization to protect data from unauthorized use. It includes managing permissions to sites, lists, folders, documents, Web applications and also requires checkout documents prior to editing, allow users to view all revisions made to a document and return a document to its original state. You can implement additional security measures at both document and item-level required by you.

COMM-IT uses features of SharePoint like intranet portals, document & file management, social networks, websites, extranets, advanced search functionality and increased business intelligence solutions so that you can reduce business risk, take faster and better decisions, increase output, reduce errors, shorten processing time, simplified data entry and access, unified access control and faster deployment.

How DMS Solution Based on SharePoint?

Comm-IT develops a document management system to allow company to be felt free to use it. The company’s employees can create and share their work under protected environment. They can express their own ideas to audit it for better production of work. IT companies significantly move a company from ‘My documents’ and network drives to a new way of working by putting in new SharePoint.


Why Choose Document Management Based on Microsoft SharePoint?

Selecting SharePoint as your DMS solution is good choice.

SharePoint has builds document management with very useful features like users can simply use user interface development of SharePoint. User has to just drag files to upload them to libraries. It is now easy to share document with individual, and add additional external users also. Using share point helps in document management easily because of following features.

  • Centralized Storage:- Business documents stored in SharePoint can be centralized stored. It can be used on sharing based to prevent confusion regarding version control.
  • Intuitive Indexing:- Intuitive indexing of files and contents in SharePoint helps to retrieve it faster and reduces the time spent on searching.
  • Dissemination of Documents:- SharePoint helps to use documents on different platform easily to keeps employees up-to-date with business activities regardless of their location. It helps to reduce communications costs and time.
  • Web Based Access Methods:- SharePoint allows making access and creation of documents simple and intuitive which can be complimented by Microsoft Office integration.


  • Mobile Access:- SharePoint is mobile user friendly to allow the user freedom to work anytime and anywhere on smartphones and tablets.
  • Integration:- Document management based on SharePoint easily integrates with the programs on different platform. It helps in building client and customer relationship.
  • Collaboration:- The document management based on SharePoint provides ability for multiple users to view and add their contributions to a single document, in real-time, based on permission.
  • Security:- The system can be restricted to see specific documents by user. They are provided user ID and password management to secure file and data. The system are provided with additional security like automatic logoff settings and audit control, certifications, and data encryption on-premise, hybrid, or cloud systems.
  • Cost-effective:- Document Management system is based on share point provides cloud based solutions. So it helps in reducing your cost of licensing and saves your money. It helps in improving your business and increasing your growth.
  • Search Capabilities:- You will be able to find the file easily and quickly only by the name of the file.

COMM-IT has been using  SharePoint  seen the first version is launched. They have professional experts to develop document management solution based on SharePoint Portal for you which can be easily used to improve efficiency of your business. COMM-IT is a Microsoft Certified partner with a proven track record of installation of Document Management System based on SharePoint portal to meet the specific needs of the customer. COMM-IT provides ongoing support and maintenance for Document Management Solutions.